Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Two New Meals This Week

Two new meals this week.

The first "meal" was from Father's Day.  Megan ( told me she was making homemade pizza and I got the notion that I wanted some pizza too.  First I had to find out if the crust at WalMart was vegan.  A quick glance at PETA's "I Can't Believe Its Vegan" website told me that Pillsbury Pizza Dough was Vegan.  So I hopped over to WalMart and bought some mushrooms, an onion, and some pizza sauce along with the dough.  My recent trip to Whole Foods allowed me to stock up on Mozzarella and Cheddar Vegan Cheese from Daiya.

This was easy as pie!  Spread out the dough, add the sauce, add the cheese, pre-cook the onions and mushrooms, and send to the oven for about 10 minutes.  This is what I got:

My wife loved it. MY KID loved it! Hudson ate all of he section I gave him!  NICE!

The next dish I made on Monday.  I had no plan really and was pressed for time.  We had a lot going on, so I scrambled into the fridge to see what I had.  I had just prepared a fresh batch of Quinoa for salad topper this week, so I drew upon that.  I also found some Kale at WalMart that looked like it had been harvested in this calendar year.  So I decided to use that.  I thawed some of the homemade seitan that I had prepared a couple of weeks ago.  I added a little spicy BBQ sauce to the seitan, whipped up some onions and mushrooms (can ya tell I like mushrooms and onions?) and here is what I got.  This is all WalMart, as was the pizza, with the exception of Daiya cheese.

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  1. That pizza looks GOOD. I'm very impressed that your kidlet ate some.