Sunday, May 8, 2011

Al's Produce Stand

The waiting list for my small local CSA is a mile long. So when I want fresh and locally grown produce, I drive about 10 minutes from my house, along Alabama Highway 204 to Al's Produce stand.

  Al has lived in Alabama for a long time. In fact, he was born in a dog trot home that still exists behind the house where he now lives.  Today was the first time I ever met Al.  Most of the time there is no one at the stand.  Only a sign with instructions on how to weigh and pay for the produce you want.

The honor system. In rural Alabama it still works.  Until today I've selected what I want, weighed it and left the money in a tin can or a metal box.  I usually leave extra money because I think it is cool what he does and I want to reward him, and I figure at least once or twice someone has made off with some produce without paying.

So for 16 dollars today I got 5 pounds of red potatoes, 3 pounds of tomatoes, 2 huge cucumbers, a small basket of nectarines, a cantaloupe,  3 pounds of vidalia onions, and a pint of blackberry jam.