Sunday, May 8, 2011

Al's Produce Stand

The waiting list for my small local CSA is a mile long. So when I want fresh and locally grown produce, I drive about 10 minutes from my house, along Alabama Highway 204 to Al's Produce stand.

  Al has lived in Alabama for a long time. In fact, he was born in a dog trot home that still exists behind the house where he now lives.  Today was the first time I ever met Al.  Most of the time there is no one at the stand.  Only a sign with instructions on how to weigh and pay for the produce you want.

The honor system. In rural Alabama it still works.  Until today I've selected what I want, weighed it and left the money in a tin can or a metal box.  I usually leave extra money because I think it is cool what he does and I want to reward him, and I figure at least once or twice someone has made off with some produce without paying.

So for 16 dollars today I got 5 pounds of red potatoes, 3 pounds of tomatoes, 2 huge cucumbers, a small basket of nectarines, a cantaloupe,  3 pounds of vidalia onions, and a pint of blackberry jam.

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  1. Works like that in Delaware too! Thanks for making me miss being home this summer, Gordon. Just kidding, but seriously, I can't find anything like that nearby here in the Dairy state (except for a farm that sells eggs)
    At home, I have access to several honor system stands. They don't have scales though, just low prices for each veggie. (ie The yellow and green zuchinni squashes are 10 cents, day old squashes 5 cents, etc).

    Have a great week!