Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Great Vitamix Experiment: SOUP!

Ok, so I've heard from people about how great soups can be right out of the Vitamix, about how the blender is so powerful that it actually cooks/heats the food if you let it run long enough (more on that when I talk about my hummus, but not now, soon, people, soon!).  So, I had a butternut squash just begging to be eaten.  I went to the Vitamix website and downloaded this recipe for apple butternut squash soup

Ok, the hardest part of this recipe is cutting the squash.  Those things are tough.  What a workout.  After steaming the squash and throwing a few ingredients (and I DO mean few, this is simple stuff, even for me), I mixed it up in the Vitamix and produced some pretty good tasting soup.  From squash cuttin' to soup eatin', I'd say this meal took 25-30 minutes.  But the vast majority is prepping and steaming the squash.  Vitamix time was about 5 minutes.

The only thing I'd change about the recipe is the apple.  It added a little too much sweet to the squash.  So to cut the sweet i added some salt and a bit of pepper.  I ate two bowls and it came right out of the Vitamix piping hot.

When you look at this pic, what I'd like you to notice is how smooth this soup looks.  Before going into the Vitamix, it was a collection of diced squash, a 1/4 onion, an apple and various spices and seasonings.  Coming out it was as smooth as ever.  Nice.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Vitamix Experiment: SORBET!!!!

Ok, so sorbet was not the first thing I made in the Vitamix.  I made hummus.  But that is another story.  More on that in a few days

Megan had mentioned how easy it was to make sorbet in the Vitamix in a matter of minutes and only using frozen fruit and maybe a little sweetener.  The blender comes with a great cook book, so between Megan's help and the cookbook, I was well prepped.  The first sorbet I made was orange, which I ate so fast I forgot to take a picture.  Two fresh oranges, some ice and a little sweetener and a minute or so in the Vitamix, and I had orange sorbet. I loved it.  Not only the ease of preparation, but the taste was amazing.  i loved it, but the true taste for any food is kids.  My kids couldn't get enough. Which kinda made me mad.  I mean, I wanted it all!  Of course, I want them eating fruit and veggies more.  But shouldn't they get their own Vitamix and make it for themselves?  Am I being unreasonable???  ;)

Next up was Strawberry.  Frozen strawberries, some Splenda, a little ice and a touch of water gave me this

Good stuff.
So next up was a more exotic fruit.  I love mangoes, so I picked up a bag of frozen mango chunks and made Mango sorbet.  because Mango is such a sugary and sweet fruit, I only needed a little water.  The results were fabulous.  Of course, in the interest of writing a fair review I had to offer some to my family. My kids aren't mango fans, but the liked it.  This time it was my wife taking more than I wanted to share!

I guess what strikes me about this blender are 2 things.  First, the simplicity of ingredients amazes me.  ice, water, fruit. Really?? Is it that simple to make sweet and great tasting stuff like sorbet?  Apparently so.  Second, the speed in which this thing produces the food is incredible. In all of these examples, it took less than 90 seconds to prepare the sorbet.  That blows me away.  So, I could in a matter of mere moments, produce some great tasting, healthy desserts.

The Great Vitamix Experiment

A few weeks ago, on a whim, really, I emailed the people at Vitamix with a crazy proposal.  Send me a Vitamix and I'll spend a few weeks making al sorts of natural and whole food-type stuff and compare it to the old blender I have been using.  I've been fascinated with the Vitamix ever since my friend Megan (Run Vegan Run, got one and has raved about it ever since.  I was somewhat dubious.  How could the Vitamix be THAT different from a basic blender.  I mean, was it formed from the dust of unicorn horns?  What's the big deal, I asked?

Well, much to my utter shock, Vitamix said, "OK."  I was a bit taken aback.  This is a reputable company and I'm a bald Vegan in Alabama.  That they took a chance on me is flattering.  I never thought they'd say yes, so I am now working on my plan to test this thing out and see what exactly is the big deal. So, they sent me one and I plan to, over the next several weeks, make stuff I typically made in my old blender.

  So, BIG thank you to Vitamix for taking a chance on a modest blogger like me.  AND full disclosure, I was given this blender for no charge.  But I promise to be objective in my review.  OK, here we go!  Let the taste testing begin!