Friday, June 18, 2010

Hey Morningstar, WTF?

So when I went vegetarian, one of the first things I did as a way of filling the gap between meat and meatless was to purchase Morningstar grillers, veggie burgers, and black bean burgers.  I was not Vegan then, so ingredients weren't a priority as much as going meatless was in my Veganarian state.  So when I needed a break from prepping veggies or was just in a burger kind of mood, I turned to the products of Morningstar, readily available from each of my two grocery stores.  Mind you, this is all I have.  Two stores and limited options in terms of ready-to-eat processed vegan food.  Should that stuff be a staple in our every day Vegan diet? Of course not. But they are handy in a pinch.

It wasn't until shortly before going Vegan that I discovered that my beloved veggie products from Morningstar had milk in them. YES! That's right, MILK!  What!?  Milk? OMG WTH?  Why, Morningstar, did you see the need to put milk products in something designed for folks on a meatless diet, whether it be vegetarian or vegan?

So what's a southern vegan to do?  Yup! I have it! I recalled seeing some Boca Burgers at the other grocery store. So today after work, I hopped on down there to get a Boca burger for dinner. See, I was kinda tired and looking for a quick meal to satisfy those hunger pangs and that was of minimal effort. It is, after all, Friday.  Time to rest up after a work week.  So, I make my way to the frozen food aisle, spy the familiar red Boca container, reach down triumphantly for the box, and...WHAAAAAA?????, mushroom mozzarella Boca burgers? Mozzarella? As in mozzarella, the cheese!?  OMG WTH???

Et tu, Boca???  I thought Boca was the "original vegan burger"?  What's this dairy cheese crap doing in MY Vegan burger.  As Capt. Kirk so eloquently put it in Start Trek II:  "khhaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnn!"

So, what does a southern Vegan do in the face of overwhelming odds against his having a vegan burger tonight?  Yup. You guessed it, he buys squash, onions, zucchini, and quinoa and makes a better dinner.

Take that Boca!  Take that Morningstar!

P.S. Oh, and next time I want a burger, I'm making Southwestern Tofu Burgers from the "Vegan Table" cookbook.  Those things ROCK!

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  1. G- If your in a hurry, try Dr. Praegers. Their certified Vegan and Kosher.