Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Great Vitamix Experiment

A few weeks ago, on a whim, really, I emailed the people at Vitamix with a crazy proposal.  Send me a Vitamix and I'll spend a few weeks making al sorts of natural and whole food-type stuff and compare it to the old blender I have been using.  I've been fascinated with the Vitamix ever since my friend Megan (Run Vegan Run, got one and has raved about it ever since.  I was somewhat dubious.  How could the Vitamix be THAT different from a basic blender.  I mean, was it formed from the dust of unicorn horns?  What's the big deal, I asked?

Well, much to my utter shock, Vitamix said, "OK."  I was a bit taken aback.  This is a reputable company and I'm a bald Vegan in Alabama.  That they took a chance on me is flattering.  I never thought they'd say yes, so I am now working on my plan to test this thing out and see what exactly is the big deal. So, they sent me one and I plan to, over the next several weeks, make stuff I typically made in my old blender.

  So, BIG thank you to Vitamix for taking a chance on a modest blogger like me.  AND full disclosure, I was given this blender for no charge.  But I promise to be objective in my review.  OK, here we go!  Let the taste testing begin!


  1. *gaping* You got a FREE vitamix??? Holy cow!!!

  2. You are freaking kidding me! You ASKED for a free Vitamix and you GOT a free Vitamix! They know the holidays are coming and it's on every vegan's wish list. Way to be proactive! Please keep up with the updates. I have one and need to use it more. Have you watched the videos on their website? They're addicting!

  3. Wow, how incredible!

  4. Hi there Vegan in the South-- I'm only beginning to flirt with the idea of transitioning to vegan. Like you, I'm from the deep south-- south of Mobile, AL to be exact-- and well, I've never heard of Vitamix until I stumbled upon your blog (which I only stumbled upon a few days ago thanks to the wonder that is google search). Tell those folks out at Vitamix that I'm buying their blender because of your blog. Very, very cool-- and thanks for blogging. (I know NO other vegans down here so far and the idea that it's possible to live a vegan lifestyle by shopping at Walmart (which is the closest store to me) is astouding to me.)